Where Can I Get Subaru Maintenance Service in DuBois, PA?

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I Need Subaru Maintenance in DuBois…Where Do I Start?

Need to schedule Subaru maintenance today? We make it easy and fun as your local Dubois, PA, service center, where we cover virtually anything that pops up from trouble codes to helping you keep up with your maintenance schedule. To offer extra peace of mind, only certified and factory-trained technicians who know Subaru models inside and out will ever work on your vehicle to help ensure precision and speed. Got questions about how to proceed? We’ll help with those too, so feel free to ask.

Whether you need an oil change or a sensor replacement (or anything in between) we’re here for virtually any automotive need that pops up. Schedule your Subaru maintenance schedule service today at Spitzer Subaru DuBois in DuBois, PA to help your ride run in premium condition.

What Does a Typical Subaru Maintenance Schedule Look Like?

How do you know it’s time for Subaru maintenance? As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to schedule based on a specific mile-count if you drive your vehicle often—so, for example, if you drive your Subaru Forester daily, you’ll usually schedule an oil change every 6,000 miles since your oil wears faster and works with more intense heat and friction (and you’ll want to schedule this service sooner on performance-oriented models like the WRX STI since your working with even more heat and movements under your hood).

However, if you don’t schedule service often, you’ll want to visit us based on the time that passes as opposed to mile markers—specifically, an oil change every six months is safe for most models, as oil can evaporate and change composition from sitting over time, which means you’ll still need an oil change for your ride to run in premium condition.

But what if you don’t know what specific services to schedule (and when)? To make life easy, we have a maintenance schedule lookup page —just let us know your VIN or your year, model, trim, and mileage. From there, we’ll pull up your upcoming services. So, if you drive a BRZ nearing 12,000 miles, you’ll see the recommended oil replacement for every 6,000 miles, alongside recommended replacements for your air conditioning filter and inspections for systems like your rear differential gear oil and suspension to help ensure everything is running in peak condition. You can even bring these sheets into our service center and our technicians will get to work.

What Types of Services Are Covered?

If it’s a service or inspection your Subaru model needs, there’s almost a guaranteed chance our team can perform it for you. So, when it’s time for a routine brake replacement or tire rotation, we’ll make the fixes with OEM parts when possible to help make sure everything fits and works as the manufacturer intended. Even for more intense services like replacing your camshafts, we’re prepared for the job. If you notice a part wearing prematurely like your tire tread running low or a belt snapped, we’ll still perform the services you need.

What If I Don’t Know What’s Wrong with My Vehicle?

Notice your vehicle is driving funny and you’re not sure why? Or maybe you want a simple check-up—either way, we can also run a diagnostic test on your ride and interpret the Subaru maintenance codes to help your ride return to the road riding like new. In fact, we recommend scheduling a diagnostic test with your services to help you spot potential issues early before they evolve into a slippery slope of expensive problems—like fixing a misfiring motor early before your ride becomes virtually undrivable.

Keep in mind a diagnostic test won’t damage your vehicle. So, don’t hesitate to schedule this preemptive service with your oil change or with any other maintenance schedule visit.

Smooth and Fun Rides Start with Service in DuBois, PA

Don’t risk ruining your smooth drives—instead, keep up with your Subaru maintenance schedule by scheduling your service online today at Spitzer Subaru DuBois. While you’re here, we’ll assist you in any way possible, from answering your questions to helping you decide which services are optimal for your vehicle—it’s only getting started with how we craft the ultimate shopping experience as your local Subaru service center in DuBois, PA.

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