When Should I Schedule Transmission Service?

When Should I Schedule Transmission Service?

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Spitzer Subaru is your go-to resource for all things automotive. Not only do we offer a premium selection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles, but we also host a state-of-the-art service center with certified technicians here to perform a variety of auto repairs. Our complete menu of auto repairs include routine maintenance such as oil change service and tire rotations and wheel alignments, brake inspections, battery replacements and tire replacements.

When you need major auto repairs, you can trust in the high quality work by our certified technicians. We specialize in transmission service and transmission fluid flush service for all makes and models. Learn how we can lower the transmission flush cost and improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy when scheduling automatic transmission service at Spitzer Subaru.

Why is Automatic Transmission Service Important?

Your vehicle’s transmission is a key component of your vehicle. Just like the engine, the transmission works hard to offer smooth handling on the road and enhanced performance. Caring for this system is essential.

Whether you have a CVT, manual transmission or automatic, scheduling transmission service is important. Our technicians are here to inspect the transmission system, as well as the drain plug, fluid level, pan gasket and transmission filter. If needed we can replace transmissions or rebuild to extend the life of your vehicle.

In some instances, you may need a transmission flush. Just like your engine oil, the transmission fluid can become filled with dirt, debris and particles that can inhibit lubrication to the working parts of the system. During a transmission fluid flush our team will inspect the transmission pan, perform a transmission fluid exchange with our high-tech flushing machine and then add fresh fluid with a cleaning solution to ensure there is the right amount of lubrication present.

While there are several types of transmissions, rest assured that the team at our repair shop can handle the task. Whether you need a rebuild, full replacement or transmission flush, count on the service team at Spitzer Subaru.

What are Signs of Transmission Problems?

On average, most manufacturers recommend transmission service and a transmission flush every 30,000 miles or two years, as detailed in your owner’s manual. If you drive in a very hot climate, though, the fluid may collect more dirt, sludge or debris, requiring automatic transmission service sooner vs later.

Driving habits can significantly impact the timeline for transmission service. If you tend to hover your foot over the brake when driving, this adds pressure and stress to the transmission and the engine. As a result, your systems have to work harder and may need a transmission fluid flush sooner than the recommended timeline.

There are also signs that could indicate you need transmission repair. The most obvious sign is when you notice a delay when accelerating or difficulty with shifting a manual transmission. Some drivers notice a burning smell from the fluid or fluid that is dark and cloudy.

If you hear a grinding sound when you accelerate, this could mean it’s time for transmission service. Some drivers also notice that fuel economy decreases when it’s time for automatic transmission service or a transmission flush.

How Can I Care for My Transmission?

Clearly, you can leave the care of your transmission to the team at Spitzer Subaru. However, we do rely on vehicle owners to report any issues they may notice with the system and the cooling system. For instance, if your vehicle runs hot, check the coolant level.

The cooling system works collaboratively with the engine and transmission. When the working components of your vehicle are too hot, this causes them to work harder.

We also recommend checking the transmission fluid on a regular basis. If the fluid is cloudy or dark or features a burning odor, contact our team for a transmission fluid flush or automatic transmission service.

Where Do I Schedule Transmission Service?

Don’t delay providing your vehicle with the care it needs. Instead, trust in the technicians at our Subaru service center when it’s time for automatic transmission service or transmission fluid flush service. Our Subaru service center is also pleased to help defray the transmission flush cost with monthly specials and coupons.

Contact our service team today or schedule transmission service conveniently online.